Bogie suspensions

The bogie suspension is a type of oscillating mechanical suspension with multi-leaf springs which is used in agriculture to fit tandem vehicles. Its main advantage is that vehicles can travel across particularly rough terrain, thanks to the wide oscillation movements which adapt to the roughness of the ground.

The T.V.Z. bogies are either supplied with both axles fixed or with fixed and steering axles, ready to be fitted to the vehicle frame. Upon request, the bogies can also be supplied not assembled. T.V.Z. can provide the counter plates with bolts and nuts to fix the bogie to the frame. The bogies can be provided in a normal arrangement (the axles under the leaf springs) or low arrangement (the axles on top of the springs).

Bogie assembly
The correct installation of the bogie is important to ensure maximum reliability, duration and safety of all the vehicle components. The vehicle manufacturer must align the bogie. The bogie axles must be parallel with each other and the tractor. This guarantees good vehicle control and a longer life for the tyres. In case of any failures or damage to the bogie, axles, brakes or tyres due to an incorrect assembly of the bogie, the installer bears full responsibility.


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