Strength in numbers

Strategy and experience: a merger to grow

Strategy and experience: a merger to grow

TVZ is a solid, reliable and dynamic company. Its team boasts extensive experience in the field of axles and suspensions for agricultural machinery, an experience gained from the times of TI.VI. and TZ (two small axle manufacturers in the 80s-90s) then merged into a single company, TVZ, uniting these two small companies.

In 2006, TVZ was founded as a medium-sized company that, while maintaining undisputed flexibility and availability, presents itself to manufacturers in the agricultural machinery sector with a renewed range of products adapted to evolving needs: a solid basis for rapid growth in the future.

The synergies, different experiences and common strategies resulting from the merger allow TVZ to offer service, quality and conditions to meet the most demanding customer expectations and to expand its operating range in a short time, providing an important part of the European agricultural machinery market with TVZ products.

Innovation and Commitment to Production

To date, TVZ extends over an area of 25,000 square metres, of which 12,000 square metres are covered, and employs a young and dynamic team.

The production department is equipped with the most modern technologies, CNC lathes, multifunctional machining centres, several robotic welding islands, a robot to grease the bearings, a computerised warehouse programmed for FIFO loading and unloading and an automatic vertical warehouse for small parts and spare parts.

“Strength in numbers” a piece of popular wisdom, which well represents a business reality made up of people who promote direct personal relationships with machine manufacturers, whose needs and abilities they well know.

Prompt and flexible:
delivery is
our forte

Technical support

TVZ srl offers customised design and production services for axles and suspensions, simplifying the trailer design for customers. The company develops innovative solutions with advanced tools.

Rigour and professionalism

TVZ’s motto is “soon and well.” Timely deliveries are supported by strict quality and safety controls, both internally and with specialised laboratories.

Lead time

TVZ is flexible thanks to advanced manufacturing, semi-automatic assembly and IT planning, enabling fast deliveries, inventory reduction and simplified planning.