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Material research and testing and the constant update of production processes makes each TVZ product a faithful and helpful workmate for both farmers and for transporters. With internal personnel or with the help of specialised workshops, the quality and safety of the products are verified: from material tests, systematic control of mechanical machining operations, supervision during the assembly and painting phases up to brake bench tests performed in collaboration with Italian and foreign testing centres.


How to choose the axle?

To identify the correct axle, start by using the tables on pages 21 to 33. It is possible to identify the bearing structure for our axle according to loading, overhang, configuration, speed and the type of beams. The load capacities specified in the tables are the maximum allowed for speed, overhang and indicated application. Additionally the table refers to the use of wheels with central flange (offset = 0) and with tyres having a dynamic radius smaller than or equal to 600 mm. Please contact our technical department for advice regarding the use of wheels with offset different from zero or a dynamic radius greater than 600 mm. Once the axle is chosen according to the capacity, check if the specified overhang is sufficient; the overhang is the distance between the tyre centre and the centre of the plate fixing the axle to the frame/ suspension (position H). To carry out this check, it is sufficient to use the formula indicated and described before and the capacity tables on page 20. If axles are fitted to a vehicle with axles that are close to each other, TVZ recommends using a self-steering axle (tandem vehicle) or two self-steering axles (tridem vehicle), in order to considerably reduce the axial force generated by the tyre dragging on the surface while on a bend. Such force overloads the bearings reducing life and causing premature wear of the tyre, which is one of the most significant costs in vehicle maintenance.



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