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TVZ is a new, young and dynamic company; however, its team has extensive experience in the industrial sector of axles and suspension units for agricultural machinery, experience gained previously in TI.VI. and TZ. TVZ was born from the merger of these two companies.


In the year 2006 TVZ was founded, a middle size company that while maintaining an unquestionable flexibility and availability, introduced itself to manufacturers in the agricultural machinery, building machine and earth movement sector with a range of updated products capable of satisfying ever-evolving requirements: a solid base for rapid growth in the future.
The synergy, variety of experience gained and the common strategies resulting from this merger, have enabled TVZ to offer service, quality and terms that can satisfy the highest expectations of its customers and allow the expansion of its own operative field.


Unity is strength” this wise saying well represents an entrepreneu- rial reality made up of people who favour direct relationships with other people, machine manufacturers, whose needs and skills they know very well.


Corporate values

Precision and professionalism
Fast and well has always been our motto. The traditional TVZ prompt- ness in delivery does not in any way affect precision in the checking of products or the production process. With internal personnel or with the help of specialised workshops every single aspect of quality and safety of the products is verified.


Lead time
Flexibility is certainly one of TVZ ́s strengths. A production division equipped with state-of-the-art tool machines and a modern informa- tion technology system for production planning allows fast deliveries. To the customer this means a stock reduction and a streamlining of their planning.



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T.V.Z. S.R.L.
Via Gianbattista Meli, 118
25013 Carpenedolo (BS)
Tel. 030/9699211
Fax. 030/9699220
P.IVA 02134720206
EMAIL: info@tvzassali.it
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